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Please see our Face Mask Policy below under Latest News


Helena’s only natural geothermal mineral hot springs is located in the mountains 3.7 miles from Carroll College and just 10 minutes from downtown Helena. We take great pride in our mineral hot springs water and hope to inspire you with what we offer here. Stop by and visit us for a relaxing and refreshing soak while you enjoy big sky country.

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Pool Type
Pool Temperature
  • Rec Pool85.32 °F
  • Soaker Pool99.5 °F
  • Springs Pool100.78 °F
  • Springs Hot Tub105.55 °F
  • Soaker Hot Tub103.2 °F

Broadwater Hot Springs Pools



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Our pools and spas are all filled with therapeutic Natural Hot Springs water from our artesian well and cooled to comfortable temperatures with our Natural Cold Springs water that is exclusive to the Broadwater. Pools are outdoors and available to comfortably swim year round.

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Latest News

UPDATE – We are continuing limited hours and annual members only through Saturday.

Due to the extreme temps we are closed to the public, including pay-as-you-go members, through Saturday. Annual members may soak in the indoor portion of the soaker hot pool only and may use the sauna and fitness floor until 7 PM. The taproom and grill will be closed these days. We plan to resume regular business Sunday morning. Be safe and keep warm!

Following the new mandate the Taproom & Grill will close at 10 pm beginning 11/20/2020. The hot springs will close at 10:30 pm.

Repairs have been made and pools are being heated! We will reopen at 11 am today.

We are closed for the remainder of today and will be closed for a portion of Sunday due to mechanical issues.

The Recreational Pool will be closed Thurs, Aug 13 for maintenance.

How has COVID affected Broadwater Hot Springs? What are some of the necessary changes we’ve made? Listen to our Coffee Break Podcast brought to you by News Radio 95, KCAP.

Per Governor Bullock’s order, face masks are to be worn at all times in our facility with the following exceptions:
Masks can be removed while eating, swimming or physically working out but must be worn in locker rooms, common areas throughout the facility and when moving from machine to machine on the fitness floor. Restaurant guests are required to wear a mask when they enter and can remove them while at their tables to eat and drink. Those who are soaking are required to wear mask, shirt and shoes into the restaurant. Face coverings are required for people 5 and over while they are here. It is our desire to provide our visitors a safe and enjoyable experience to escape from everything going on in the world around us.

We are open for soaking! Due to COVID everyone who uses the facility must be a member but an annual registration is just $5 then you pay-as-you-go! Mon-Thur $10, Fri-Sun $15. If you soak more than a few times a month you’ll want to check out our other membership options available. Everything is open with the exception of the steam room. Dry sauna is limited to two people at a time.

Over the last two months we have been working on our facility and our plans for reopening. Thankfully, much of our planning has aligned with the reopening guidance from our local health department. There will be many changes from basic hygiene to a new reservation system and a contactless payment system that will help us maintain a safe social distancing environment for the Hot Springs and our team members. We will provide more information on our new operating procedures soon as all the details are set. We are planning to reopening the hot springs and fitness floor for current members on June 8th. We could not be more grateful for the loyalty and support from our members and team. We are continuing to monitor closely all guidance from government health authorities and are ready to make further adjustments to our operations as needed.

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